Lounge Chairs, Settees, Sofas

Wecome your guests with comforatable, attrative lounge seating

Welcoming your guests with comfortable seating puts them into a positive mind set.  Automobile dealers have know for years that comfortable seating for their prospects result in more positive responses, faster decisions and profitable outcomes.

Seating can be single chairs, lounge chairs, settees, or lounge sofas in leather, faux leather, fabric, or even bleach cleanable vinyl.  Frames can be wood or steel.  Lounge and Guest Seating can be bunched together for interesting flowing forms. 

Add accessories to enhance, improve your guest's lounge seating experience

Accent the seating with built-in tables and guest conveniences such as tablets, power and data ports and lighting.  Also include tables for lamps or reading material.

Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch will help measure your lobby and guest seating space and will make suggestions for seating, upholstery and accessories  that fit your space properly and meets your aesthetic objectives.  A typical solution proposal from Indoff - Silicon Valley includes different upholstery options that give you a range of budget options.

Indoff - Silicon Valley Branch primarily provides commercial grade lounge furniture with durable upholstery. To learn more about upholstery options, view our blog post that explains the options. <click here>

When you use Indoff, you can rely on your lobby and lounge areas looking good for years to come as commercial grade funiture is built to last.
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0342A - Modern Lobby Seating 0342 - Modern Lobby Furniture 0344 - Modern Loung Furniture 0390 - Modern Lounge Chair with Tablet Arm 0391 - Modern Lounge Seating
0345 Modern Lounge Seating 0364 - Modern Lounge Chairs 0349 - Lounge Chair - Metal Legs 0347 - Rounded, Connected Lounge Furniture with Built-in Table 0348 - Lounge Furniture, Chair Cluste with connected table
0350 - Lounge Funiture, Settee with metal legs 0353 - Lounge Chairs and Sofa and Settees 0351 - Lounge Seating, Settee - Loveseat 0352 - Lounge Chair - Lounge Seating 0352 - Lounge Chair, Lounge Seating
0355 - Lounge Chairs with Connecting Table 0356 - Lounge Chairs with Tablet Arms with built-in Tables 0360 - Modern Lounge Chair with slightly flaired arms 0361 - Modern Lounge Chair 0357 - Modern Lounge Chairs - Curved with Build-in Table - Custom Configurations
0362 - Modern Lounge Chair 0358 - Modern Lounge Chairs, Curved, Built-in Table 0363 - Modern Lounge Chair 0359 - Modern Lounge Chair Lobby Setup with Settee and Benches 0364 - Modern Lounge Chairs
0365 - Modern Lounge Chair 0369 - Modern Lobby Lounge Chairs and Settee 0366 - Modern Lounge Chair 0383 - Modern Lobby Furniture - Lounge Chair and Settee 0367 - Modern Lounge Chair
0384 - Modern, Simple Lounge Settee 0368 - Modern Lounge Chair 0385 - Modern Lounge Chair and Sofa 0386 - Upscale Modern Lobby Furniture 0387 - Simple, Modern Lobby Group, Lounge Chair
0388 - Modern Lounge Chairs and Sofa 0389 - Modern Lounge Chair

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Lounge Chairs, Settees, Sofas