Why I sell office furniture
Jan 2nd, 2015 by I-SV Host

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Why I am in the commercial interiors business.

The start of a new year caused me to reflect on previous years and re-examine why I am in the commercial furniture business.

Logo Wall - Art Drawing Concept

Logo Wall – Concept

The reflection helped me realize it is not the office furniture itself that’s important. It is the sense of accomplishment I get from my clients when solving a puzzle. The puzzle is open ended, comprised of the organization’s function, culture, people, space available and budget.

The sense of accomplishment comes from discovering and understanding these components of the puzzle, communicating a solution concept and management of the process that ensures timely completion.

That’s why, on our home websites ( and we do not sell individual furniture products – we instead show you different office furniture designs to illustrate the breadth of our possible solutions.

Logo Wall - Finished Picture

Logo Wall – Finished

I am a fan of …

I am a fan of television shows such as Project Runway, Design-on-a-Dime, and Flip-or-Flop. I watch these shows to see how others are presented with a situation and how they create or transform and idea into a solution that works.

Contestants or hosts on these shows create valuable results that are worth much more the individual parts because they use their creativity combined with experience, expertise and drive.

People feel uplifted when wearing attractive, well designed clothes. People feel happy when moving into a new home transformed from a dated or run-down building. And home owners feel more comfortable when an interior is changed to match their desires and lifestyle.

I also read trade and design publications such as Interior Design, Architectural Digest and Coastal Living for inspiration.

And I personally visit our manufacturers or study their office furnishing products to be well informed of possibilities – both for the styles they provide as well as the quality and durability of their offerings.

When you use Indoff …

When you use Indoff as your interiors solution provider, you get the same feeling of satisfaction from both the process and the result you’ll achieve.

The steps are easy and you are freed to the work you normally do, relying on Indoff to be your expert right-hand guide and supplier. Our expertise and creativity lead to a result that fits your organization and contributes to its’ success. The “I Wish I Worked There” can be your results as your office furnishings, organizational layout and functions are achieved through expertise and creativity matched by attention to detail from Indoff.

You save TIME: …

You save time because you simply provide your circumstances to our staff. Tell us about your organization, your goals and generally what styles appeal to you.

We will prepare basic layouts and concepts for your review. Then we will zero in on reliable, quality sources we know and trust who can meet your needs. Then we will communicate clearly with virtual or physical concept boards what your new or updated office will look. Then we will coordinate orders and project details and manage the project timing and installation.

Concept Board - Hyundai Showroom Remodel -  Layout, Photos & Finishes

Concept Board – Hyundai Showroom Remodel –
Layout, Photos & Finishes

You save MONEY: …

You will save money as a result of our $120 million+ dealership because we get excellent volume pricing from our manufacturers when the savings are passed on to you.

And unlike small dealerships with limited product lines or “house brand” firms, we don’t force-fit you into a limited selection just because that is all that we have.

Within your budget, you get the style you want, a layout that works toward the goals you have for your staff, your organization, and your clients/customers.

Call us today at 408-656-1709 …

Call us today to chat about your needs to see if we can imagine a solution just for you.



How to Select Commercial Grade Fabric that Provides Lasting Value
Jun 17th, 2014 by I-SV Host

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If you want your office’s seating to keep its’ good looks for many years, key factors in the fabric are durability, light-fastness, and cleanability.  Durability means how much normal wear a fabric can resist before it begins to show wear.  Light-fastness is the ability of the fabric to endure light without fading.  And Cleanability is associated with water or solvent cleaners or bleach in healthcare facilities.

How to get durability information.

Sample Fabric Performance Information

Sample Fabric Specifications and Performance Information

Standardized “Rub” Tests on fabric give you a number that shows the fabric’s resistance to wear.  This is sometime know as “Performance”. The higher the number, the longer the fabric will last.  For example, on a Textiles web site, when looking a fabric’s pattern, you can also click on “specifications” and see the double rub (D.R.) rub count for each product.

In everyday terms, this is essentially the wear that happens every time you sit on the furniture.

High rub count fabric is used in high traffic areas like waiting room in hospitals and dentists offices.  Fabric counts in these areas can be as high as 250,000 double rubs.  Police departments with duty belts of nylon or leather and metal equipment might have double rub counts of 500,000 to 1,000,000.

While residential furniture might have 15,000 double rubs, you should select 25,000 or more for frequently used pieces in your home especially around kid and pets.

And most experts agree that HD or Heavy Duty fabric, with a minimum of 30,000 to 40,000 or more double rub counts, are important for commercial furniture.

Table of Suggested Rub Counts for Commercial and Residential Applications

Suggested Double Rub Count*

Very Heavy Duty Commercial, High Traffic Areas

Heavy Duty Commercial, High Traffic Home Areas (Family Room/Den)

Medium Duty, Home Living Rooms, moderate home traffic areas
15,000 to 30,000

Light Duty, occasional use areas, not upholstery
9,000 to 15,000

Delicate Duty, toss cushions, draperies
under 9,000

Avoid fabric fading with higher lightfastness numbers.

Fabric is often graded on how permanent a color is on the fabric after exposure to light.  Both natural and synthetic fabrics are subject to fading or discoloration under sunlight and fluorescent light.

Grade 5 means there is no fading.  Grade 4 means there is slight fading.  Upholstery fabrics should have a minimum rating of 4 regardless of end use.  Sometimes you will see lightfastness in terms like 40+ hours.

Match the fabric’s cleanability to your environment.

Fabrics have recommended cleaning methods.  Some allow water based cleaning agents (Code W).  Some with Code “S” should be cleaned only with mild water-free cleaning solvent or dry cleaning products.

Code W-S can be cleaned with either water or solvent based products.

Code X should be vacuumed or gently brushed only.

If you are in a healthcare environment, look for “high performance” fabrics that can be bleach cleaned or coated with Teflon for thorough cleaning.

Seating pricing varies significantly with the price of the fabric.  Better, more durable fabrics are typically more expensive but on flip side, these fabrics retain their good looks for years.  Indoff – Silicon Valley Branch can provide advice on fabrics to use for your unique circumstances that both look great and will serve the needs of visitors and staff for years.

To learn more about fabric testing standards <click here>

*  Using Wyzenbeek Method <click here for more info>

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