Finally – All of the Advantages of Soft Seating Combined with Function
Sep 9th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Soft Seating with Built-In Table Arms

Soft Seating with Built-In Table Arms

Add Cool Functions/Features to Soft Seating in Lobbies, Reception Areas, and Staff Break Areas

Comfortable soft seating has been available ages.  Traditionally, most reception seating has been commercialized versions of sofas, settees, and overstuffed chairs.  But now, more and more manufacturers of commercial grade seating are doing innovative designs combined with function.

To add style and flexibility, many options are available for soft seating including armless, arms on one side or the other, angles (so pieces can be placed together and have curved seating), back to back in one piece, even seating with raised sides for added privacy and an quieting effect.

Plus, since both employees, guests and customers  are often showing up with portable electric devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers, providing for their comfort and utility, some manufacturers are including very useful accessories built in to the soft seating (or into the side tables that are designed to accompany the soft seating.

Soft Seating with Easy-to-Access Power and Data

Soft Seating with Easy-to-Access Power and Data

First is the built-in table (tablet holder).  These surfaces are typically movable (in-out, or rotate about a pole that is attached to the seating.  Sometimes these surfaces fold flat out the way when not in use similar to airline tables that fold into the side arm rest.  Others have opens so the tables can be either on the right or the left.

Soft Seating with Built-In Table Arn, Power Access, and Cup Holder

Soft Seating with Built-In Table Arn, Power Access, and Cup Holder

Second is built-in power and potentially, data access (sometimes with often used USB ports).  Rather than having users scrambling behind seating or searching behind tables for wall outlets, organizations that think ahead have power at the sofa or soft seating chair, conveniently available.  Access is easy but slightly out of the way so they don’t interfere with normal seating.  This type of access shows your attention to the needs of your visitors (and even employees when they want to take a break but have a great place to sit).

And often, visitors are offered that hot coffee (typically in a paper or foam cup).  A built-in cup holder keeps the coffee secure but handy.

Be sure that as you plan your lounge, lobby, reception, or staff break areas to include soft seating, ask about accessories that increase the effective use of your soft seating.

Contact Indoff-Silicon Valley for more information on types of soft seating and accessories that can work for you.



The Secret to Making Your Clients, Customers, and Job Candidates More Comfortable with Your Proposition
Sep 8th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Business Furniture - Soft Seating for Reception Area

Business Furniture – Soft Seating for Reception Area

The Effect of Soft Seating Business Furniture in Your Lobby and Reception Area.

Think about the last time you made a significant purchase such as an automobile.  If the sales person provided you with a soft, comfortable chair or sofa, was it because they were concerned for your comfort or did they know you would probably pay more than if you sat in a hard chair?

Intuitively, management knows somehow that feeling comfortable when you visit an organization helps you feel more comfortable about the organization.  This would apply to customers and job candidates.

Research on How Soft Seating and Tactile Experiences Improve Negotiation Results

Business Furniture - Soft Seating in Lobby Area

Business Furniture – Soft Seating in Lobby Area

A research study by professors at MIT, Harvard and Yale, showed that soft edges and smooth tactile experiences before negotiation or meetings produce better results for the organizations.  Visitors are more comfortable, have almost pre-programmed positive impressions and are likely to be more cooperative in the meeting’s objectives, creativity, and results.  Contact us for the research information <click here>

So where does soft office furniture have the most impact in your organization?

Your lobby, reception area and guest seating offer you the best chance to make that first, important, positive experience.   These are not areas that you want to put hard seats.

Steps to “Softening Up  Your Prospects” with great Office / Business Furniture in the Bay Area

To be seen as more flexible when dealing with people and same time (coming to decisions more quickly while increasing people’s flexibility toward reaching a decision, take these steps:

1)       Seat them in on a soft chair or sofa.

2)      If you hand them anything, avoid hard objects.

Office Furniture - Lobby Reception Area Curved - Soft Seating

Office Furniture – Lobby Reception Area Curved – Soft Seating

3)      Offer them a warm beverage.

The inspiration for this blog came from

Check out their site for more information in regard to how design can affect creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Contact Indoff – Silicon Valley ( <click here> for more information on innovative, fun, attractive, soft business furniture for your lobby, reception area, team meeting areas, and job candidate interview rooms.

Control, Reduce Sound Problems with Paint, Art Work, & Sound Absorbing Panels and Baffling Treatment
Aug 15th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Sound Reduction Paint

Serenity Coating Dramatically Cuts Room Noise - can be coated with any color

Serenity Coating Dramatically Cuts Room Noise – can be coated with any color

Serenity Paint

No other coating solution performs like Serenity. Independent lab tests at Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories confirm consistent sound reduction throughout the entire frequency spectrum, with mid and high range frequencies showing proven sound reduction and an STC rating of 52. – See more at:

Comments fromTy Macko

Superintendent, 41 North Contractors Leaning Tower YMCA, Niles, IL Specified by YMCA Chicago Project Manager, Norbert Glod “The product did exactly what we wanted. Applied over a difficult surface it still performed well and eliminated the echo in the room reducing the overall noise level and reverberation time in the room, which had previously been very conducive to echo because the enclosure was entirely hard surfaces which causes significant noise.”

Applying the Paint

If you have basic painting skills, you can apply Serenity to drywall, trim, ceilings or walls. You need to use an airless sprayer with 625-627 tip at 3000 psi of power.


Studies show Serenity can be installed for about $3 to $3.50  per sq. ft., half the price of alternative sound reduction systems. Serenity is applied by one person with basic painting skills and each coat dries in less than one hour, saving labor costs and time. With Serenity, you get a primed, ready-to-paint surface that requires no additional prep work. All in all, Serenity is the clear winner when it comes to sound reduction value.

Any color

After you apply the Base and Finish Coats, Serenity is ready for the color of your dreams. Choose from 12 designer colors, thousands of custom tints or use any paint you like. You can even apply faux techniques to Serenity to give it a high-end look.

Decorate your wall and get a much quieter space/room at the same time with Art Absorbing Art Work

Decorate your wall and get a much quieter space/room at the same time with Art Absorbing Art Work

Sound Absorbing Art Work

How do acoustic panels work?

Acoustic panels provide the simple yet important function of absorbing sound.  You can think of them like acoustical black holes – sound goes in and doesn’t come back out.  Acoustic panels won’t make the source of sound go away, of course, but cutting down on the harsh echoes and empty ringing sounds coming from the walls can make a big difference.

Why does absorbing sound help?

The length of time it takes for a sound reverberation within a room to die off to inaudibility is called the RT value of the room. RT stands for reverberation time. In an untreated room for sound control, the RT60 values can carry for up to 10 seconds or longer. The problem defined is that the human ear can tolerate just 1.5 to 2.0 seconds worth of sound reverberation. Beyond this level, sound reflections become blurred, competing with new sound signals, and delivering unhealthy levels of what is called “background noise.”

Why absorb sound reverberation?

Good quality sound absorption will serve to slow down sound wave reflections, cleaning out unhealthy levels of background noise in a room, while restoring the room back to good acoustic balance with good clarity to original sound. For commercial settings, less background noise will trigger a more comfortable acoustic environment for groups of people that congregate in one room.No longer will people need to shout over the background noise to communicate.

How do I know what size and quantity of acoustic panels I need for my space?

There are two factors when determining the square footage of acoustic panels needed for a given space: the area and surface materials of the space. To calculate the area of the space, we will need to know the length, width and height of the room. We also need to know the surface materials of the space, which includes the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Does it matter where the acoustic panels are placed?

In general, where you place the acoustic panels in a room is not critical. A visually pleasant appearance is often the guiding factor in placement. The most important thing is simply to get the total needed square footage of panels into the room somewhere. No matter where you place them, the panels will soak up the extra sound that is bouncing off every surface in the room. That said, we do have a couple of non-critical guidelines for acoustic panel placement. First, you get more absorption per square foot of panel when the panel is placed in or near a corner. In other words, you will need slightly fewer panels in your room if you place some of them in or near corners. Second, if there is a primary source of sound in the room, such as speakers in one corner of the room, it’s a good idea to place panels at first reflection points. These are places where the sound can come from the source, bounce once, and reach the listener.  For example, on the side walls of a listening room approximately midway between the listener and the speakers. This is because sound that reaches the listener after traveling an indirect path arrives just a little later than sound that came directly from the source. This means your brain has to sort out multiple copies of the same sound, making things sound less clear and making speech more difficult to understand.Adding acoustic panels at the first reflection points reduces the late-arriving sound so your brain can focus on one clear copy of the sound.

What images are available?

Any image our supplier has the rights to re-sell and is high enough resolution for the desired size. We have millions of available images, and we can set up an online project for the client with selections. We can also use client provided images, so long as they have the right to reproduce the image and it is high enough resolution for the desired size.

How are acoustic panels mounted to the wall?

Non-changeable acoustic panels are affixed to the wall using security hardware. Changeable acoustic panels can be affixed to the wall either with security hardware or Z-Brackets.

What types of acoustic panels are available?

Acoustic panels are available in changeable and non-changeable formats. Changeable simply means that the image on the panel is removable and replaceable using image “skins.” Note that all changeable acoustic core materials are housed in an aluminum frame and the image “skin” is stretched over it.

What is the largest size available for each type of acoustic panel?

Non-changeable acoustic panels are available in sizes up to 48” x 96.”Changeable acoustic panels are available in sizes up to 10 ft. x 150 ft.

Apply Sound Absorbing Panels directly to walls and cut noise and reverberation instantly.

Apply Sound Absorbing Panels directly to walls and cut noise and reverberation instantly.

Sound Absorbing Panels

Diffuser Blocking Absorber

You can get  Diffuser Blocking Absorber from Indoff – Silicon Valley. Our sound absorbing panels are available in 1″ and 2″ thickness. Panel size is 2′ × 2′. The sound absorbing panel is intended for wall or ceiling applications. The Sound Absorbing panel is an innovative sound treatment panel for both home theaters and professional grade commercial studios. No longer will you have to struggle to figure out noise reduction coefficients or calculate the amount of sabins for a given space. All the guesswork will be eliminated. The new Sound Absorbing panels offer sound blocking, sound absorption and sound diffusion all in one unit. This will all be accomplished with a new tri-functional wall and ceiling panel. These panels have a unique design that not only provides a wide array of acoustical characteristics, but it is aesthetically pleasing and will give any studio or home theater that polished, professional look. Currently the new Sound Absorbing panels will come in white or charcoal only, but as the line expands so will the color choices. Keep in mind these panels can be painted to match any decor

Sound Absorbing Panels dramatically cuts room noisePaint dramatically cuts room noise

Sound Absorbing Panels dramatically cuts room noise


  1. Curved accent acoustical control products
  2. Exceptional acoustical control across all frequencies
  3. Lightweight and easy to install

Ride the wave with WHISPERWAVE. WHISPERWAVE curved accent products allows you to unleash your creativity while reducing noise and reverberation. Add dimension and acoustical control right where you need it the most with WHISPERWAVE ceiling clouds. Ceiling clouds are suspended on ceiling-mounted cables using corkscrew hangers.Made from Class 1 fire-rated melamine foam, WHISPERWAVE products are offered in standard and custom sizes and curve patterns. WHISPERWAVE products are lightweight and easy to install. The line also includes baffles, panels and awnings.WHISPERWAVE products are available in natural white and light grey or can be Hypalon®-coated (black, grey, white, almond or charcoal) or painted (charcoal, beige, brown or blue). Custom colors are also available to match school colors or any décor.


Panels, Baffles, Ceiling Clouds and Awnings provide exceptional acoustical control and design flexibility. Lightweight and easy to install, WHISPERWAVE products are ideal for use in classrooms, cafeterias, multipurpose rooms, indoor swimming pools, offices, libraries, religious facilities and other large open areas.

How to reduce your towel laundering costs by up to 80% in an instant.
Aug 13th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Electronic Towel Dispenser-Locker - Cuts laundering costs by 80%.

Electronic Towel Dispenser-Locker – Cuts laundering costs by 80%.

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You get a unique and innovative electronic towel vending locker system from Indoff – Silicon Valley. At OfficeFurnitureSanJose (Indoff – Silicon Valley), you can get a electronic towel vending locker that can be programmed in a number of ways. For example VIP users can be issued with a payment override pin code or the system could be used to charge specific users only. Towels are easily re-loaded and the system offers complete accountability and control of towels being issued. The electronic towel dispensing system is suitable for a variety of locations (eg corporate gyms, hotels, golf clubs, leisure clubs) who wish to reduce towel laundering costs in an instant and/or generate a further revenue stream for the club / organization.

The Electronic Towel Dispenser can be Use in 3 Ways


By using the electronic towel dispenser to give out towels, users will be restricted to 1 towel per person which will instantly reduce the quantity of towels being laundered while still offering a complimentary towel service.


By using the electronic towel dispenser to control towel usage and charging a nominal fee, towel laundering costs can be instantly recovered.

Electronic Towel Dispenser - Close up of towel slot

Electronic Towel Dispenser – Close up of towel slot


By using the electronic towel dispensing system to control towel usage and charging a premium fee, hotels / clubs can recover towel laundering costs while also generating additional revenue for use within the club / organization.


●  Stand alone units which can be expanded as demand increases (Networking not required)
●  User Adjustable Price Settings
●  Fully automatic door release
●  No keys required
●  Hygienic and Clean Storage of Towels
●  Low Voltage Operation (12v). Safe to use within wet areas – swimming pools, changing rooms etc.
●  Rapid Return of investment (depending on towel usage / fee being charged by club)
●  Designed and manufactured in Ireland
●  Fully Recyclable
●  Annual maintenance contract available Nationwide
●  12 Months Warranty



“We all know anything for free is seldom appreciated and indeed very often misused” With the introduction of the Towel Dispenser the Club now charge €2 per towel but the usage will drop by a staggering 80%i.e. a saving of 80% of current laundering costs.

In 2012 towel dispensing will show an income of 40% of the original laundering costs. The capital costs of the dispenser units will be recovered in 1 to 2 years while still providing a full towel service to both members and visitors.  The units are slim and tidy occupying very little space and very user friendly with a complete audit of all transactions  ”An essential asset for all golf clubs”

Francis Duffy

Manager (Lucan Golf Club)

Contact Indoff – Silicon Valley for a prompt evaluation and quote to begin cutting your towel usage/laundering budget or controlling excessive per/user use. <click here>

Help – We need cool break room furniture – and we need it fast.
Jul 26th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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The challenge (outfit our empty break room):

“We’re moving in our team in the next week or so.  Our break room is an empty space.  Quick, we need cool tables and chairs that match our corporate colors, are comfortable and fun.”

Hanna Chair and OFM Multi-purpose Table for Biopharma Break Room

Hanna Chair and OFM Multi-purpose Table for Biopharma Break Room

A biopharma firm in the Bay Area got cubes, office & conference room furniture and employee seating to support their growth.  Last on their mind was the break/coffee/lunch room.  Now all of a sudden, that empty space looms as a “oh my gosh” moment.

The biofpharm’s corporate colors were Deep Red, Black, complemented with a Warm Red, Burgundy, Cool Gray and Warm Green.  The break room, an open area set between two work areas was hard rock maple, with dark counter tops, wall color orange (which is going to change).  Indoff-Silicon Valley ( who did their conversion of standard walls to clear-coat floor to ceiling white board coatings, was called upon to remedy this situation fast.

The office furniture procurement challenge for Indoff-Silicon Valley:

Find good looking, fast delivery chairs and tables that drew upon the corporate color scheme, were affordable, fun & functional (easily reconfigured when needed).

Indoff-Silicon Valley relied both on experience and fellow representatives to find solutions.  Mr. Harnack, Indoff-Silicon Valley’s representative, recalled a previous break room he had furnished for an accounting firm in San Jose.  The Hanna Chair from IzzyPlus was available in a variety of colors, is very comfortable, and seemed to fit the general theme of the biopharm’s firm.  A quick call to Izzy’s customer support team found that the Hanna chair with standard colors were in stock and ready for quick ship.  Yea!  Part 1 complete.

However the IzzyPlus table that typically accompanied the Hanna chair was on 4 to5 week lead time.  This wouldn’t work.  By the way, this was late on Friday (Pacific Time) and there wasn’t much hope of getting to East Coast Suppliers.  Mr. Harnack got in touch with a number of fellow Indoff representatives in the West and Mr. Ron Swanson, Oregon, had a solution.  Mr. Swanson had recently worked with OFM Inc. in North Carolina and had used their in-stock program to deliver tables to clients in Oregon.  Even though it was late on Friday, Mr. Harnack was able to track down OFM’s reps (on their mobile phones – on the way home) who were able to determine availability (of product stocked in Arizona), provide quotes and delivery estimates in time for Mr. Harnack to get a quote to the client before quitting time.  At day’s end the order was in, and the client will get first class, great looking, long-lasting, systems that match their corporate colors, all within a week or so.  Yea! Part 2 complete.

To make sure everyone was in the loop, Mr. Harnack produced custom spec sheets featuring the products, colors and design choices that could easily be shared with the biopharma execs and team members.  Plus, he laid out the space design to confirm everything would fit as planned.

So stay tuned – in a week or so, we’ll publish the furnished room.  For more info, visit our website <click here>

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