Watermark Your Markerboard – Give your collaboration and communication system a sense of ownership.
Aug 31st, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Watermark Your Whiteboard

One challenging aspect to showing a picture of a white board is that it is basically a white rectangle.  You can add frames, typically aluminum or wood.  And many people today are going frameless, using gloss white laminates or glass markerboards.  With the fantastic advances in markerboard “clear” coatings such as Remarkable by 360Coatings, virtually any smooth wall can be turned into a markerboard.

Markerboards and clear coated markerboard walls are often used for brainstorming team meetings for coming up with new ideas and plans.  To “brand” the markerboard, (making sure any picture of the board has your brand), consider adding your company information (logo and company name) to the markerboard or markerboard wall.

Watermark Your Whiteboard - Sample of Logo and Subdued Logo to add a pleasing visual aesthetic and brand your whiteboard

Watermark Your Whiteboard – Sample of Logo and Subdued Logo to add a pleasing visual aesthetic and brand your whiteboard

How to Watermark Your Whiteboard

Here is one possible layout.  You put your logo and business name in the top right portion of the markerboard or markerboard wall and then do a much larger logo image in the bottom left section.  But instead of a “full strength logo”, you tone it down to about 25% to 30% strength (about 70% to 75% transparent).  This space will still be conveniently available for your marking but will effectively brand your board.  Plus, this technique add an artistic, visual element to the wall markerboard.

Indoff – Silicon Valley can do this technique for Glass Markerboards and Porcelain Magnetic White Boards (with no bumps on the writing surface).  And our team of experienced painters can add this logo touch to a marker board wall coating project – first doing the logo branding of the wall followed by the clear coat a day to two later.

Have you done this for your white boards or markerboards/markerboard walls?

If you have done some markerboards like this, do comment on this blog and send us some pictures to give other collaboration teams and business owners additional ideas on techniques to “watermark” whiteboards.

To get more information, contact Indoff – Silicon Valley today <click here>


White Board Comparison – Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget.
Aug 20th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget

Whiteboard Frames are typically Aluminum or Wood but can be upgraded with designer materials

Whiteboard Frames are typically Aluminum or Wood but can be upgraded with designer materials

This Part covers Higher End Whiteboard and Glass Markerboards.

Part 3 is a Summary Chart that shows typical investments for different types of Whiteboard and even introduces converting a wall to a Whiteboard using special coatings.

Porcelain Surface Whiteboards – Standard Aluminum or Wood Trim

Traditional Magnetic Porcelain Markerboard

Unsurpassed in performance and durability. Porcelain-on-steel markerboards are the finest markerboards in the world. Specifically designed for everyday use.

Porcelain-on-steel surface is the hardest marker surface available and will resist scratching, denting or staining, Due to its steel substrate, our Porcelain-on-steel markerboards accept magnetic accessories.

Close Up - Typical Whiteboard Aluminum and Wood Frame

Close Up – Typical Whiteboard Aluminum and Wood Frames

Built to last, Porcelain Steel markerboards are the best value when measured over their years of dependable service.

50 Year Warranty is typical

Whiteboard with Upscale Frame/Trim

Whiteboard with Upscale Frame/Trim

Upscale Porcelain Surface – Image Trim – Special Edge Treatments/Frames

 Image Trim

Tired of the ordinary? Ready for the extraordinary? Image Trim is for you! Image Trim takes the strength of traditional aluminum framing and finishes it with a stylish coating of graphite fleck for an exceptional look that will dress up any decor. Image Trim’s premium marker surface will resist scratching or staining.

The porcelain-on-steel accepts magnets and magnetic accessories.

Image Trim markerboards allow you to make a bold statement with its dependable performance and with its decorative aesthetic design.

50 Year Warranty is typical

High Pressure Laminate

Frameless Whiteboard - Hard Pressure Laminate - Edge Detail

Frameless Whiteboard – Hard Pressure Laminate – Edge Detail

High Pressure Laminate with PVC Edge (Frameless)

The High Pressure Laminate Z-Bracket Wall Mounted Whiteboard surface is an exceptionally wear-resistant laminate that stands up to years of heavy use, yet is budget conscious.

  • Board features a Class C fire rated panel.
  • The dust-free surface ensures smooth writability and easy erasability.
  • Full Width Aluminum Tray

Glass Markerboards

The “Float” Look

The Glassboard Float is a new addition to the upscale, visually striking style that has come to define Clarus Glassboards.

Clean lines and concealed mounting hardware make the Glassboard Float a great option for private offices, conference rooms and collaborative spaces.

Glass Markerboard - Depth Look standing off from wall

Glass Markerboard – Depth Look standing off from wall

The “Depth” Look

Depth Glass White Boards provide a visually striking design element to workspaces ranging from conference rooms to executive offices. Their non-staining writing surface delivers a rich and vibrant backdrop ideal for that critical presentation.

Clarus Glassboards are mounted one inch from the wall using durable stainless steel standoffs, creating a sense of depth and distinction to the room.

 Glass Whiteboard Highlights

  • Transforms space with innovative, forward thinking image
  • Modular for today’s flexible workspace needs
  • Compatible with any dry/wet-erase pen, permanent marker, grease pen, etc.
  • Easily wipes clean without ghosting or staining
  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials
  • Customizable with branding or logo of choice

Choose Your Style

Magnetic and custom color options are available.

    • Magnetic Glassboard weight is 4.2 lbs per square foot
    • Color matching and custom colors available
    • Silk-screened grids, calendars and other custom requests available


Our Glass Whiteboards are made from 1/4-inch tempered safety glass that is 4 to 5 times stronger than normal glass. Glass Whiteboards from Indoff – Silicon Valley, should last the life of your wall.Porcelain Surface.

White Board Comparison – a 3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget.
Aug 19th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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This is Part 1 of a  3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget.

Today we’ll cover considerations when selecting a whiteboard, guarantees, general types of materials and basic, or more budget oriented markerboards.

In the next couple of days, we’ll cover higher end products and end with a summary table that shows typical costs for an average, 4 foot tall, 6 foot wide whiteboard.

Considerations when selecting a whiteboard

  1.  Look at the Whiteboard Guarantee.
    Whiteboard guarantees vary widely.  And what is covered also varies.  The key factor is what will the board look like after several years of use.  Spending too little on the purchase may mean you need to replace the unit after a few years because of staining.
    Some surface guarantees cover scratching but not staining.  Some guarantees cover only workmanship defects.
    Essentially, “staining” is the big issue, that is, the tendency of the white board to retain marker ink residue and lead to “ghosting”.
  2. Does the whiteboard surface resist staining?  If marker residue is left on the board, and you don’t do daily cleaning, staining will occur unless the surface is an exceptional material.  “Ghosting” or “staining” is the discolored look from past markings that interfere with current presentation.  Many inexpensive, lower quality marker boards need to be replaced in less than 10 years due to “ghosting” that eventually leads to making the current presentation hard to read.
  3. Melamine whiteboard predictably stain.  Daily cleaning is needed but this surface does not hold up long with daily use.  Melamine is commonly used for light usage and most often for home use.
  4. Porcelain whiteboards are higher quality than melamine.  Porcelain boards are most often use in business and school settings.  Different manufacturers use different formulas but generally the surface is much smoother and has fewer surface pores that allow staining to occur.  Glossy boards have fewer pores than “matte” finish pores and typically, the glossier the finish, the more long lasting.
  5. Hardcoat laminate is yet another whiteboard material.  Hardcoat (high pressure) laminate are nonporous and do not allow marker ink to penetrate the surface.  The downside is hardcoat laminate can be susceptible to scratching and should not be used where vandalism is a problem.
  6. And of course, glass is an excellent material for markerboards.  Glass is very unlikely to stain and is easy to clean.

Budget Whiteboards

Traditional Non-Magnetic Acrylate

 Acrylate whiteboards provide excellent writing and erasing qualities at a price that will amaze you. Non-magnetic acrylate whiteboards will provide years of reliable performance using dry-erase markers with the proper care.

Acrylate is essentially a high-performance coating that has excellent abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and a gloss finish.

These whiteboards are an economical alternative to porcelain or painted-steel whiteboards, yet durable.

10 Year Warranty is typical

Standard Whiteboards

Traditional Magnetic Spectra Painted Steel

Built to resist ghosting, painted steel markerboards are a great value and priced to sell. Specifically designed to last and perform.

The painted steel markerboard accepts magnetic accessories and features a marker accessory tray complete with protective end caps.

20 Year Warranty is typical

Stay tuned (or subscribe to our Blog with RSS) for other higher end materials.  And visit our Indoff – Silicon Valley today to learn more <click here>

Visit Indoff – Silicon Valley at the upcoming Northern California Facilities Expo
Aug 16th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Northern California Facilities Expo, September 24 and 25 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Northern California Facilities Expo, September 24 and 25 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

 Back to Indoff - Silicon Valley

Visit Indoff – Silicon Valley at the upcoming Northern California Facilities Expo, September 24 and 25 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

We will be in a 40’ booth, 136 in the North part of the Expo Exhibit Floor.

Representing over 500 manufacturers, Indoff – Silicon Valley provides commercial interiors & exterior furnishings, facilities management products, material handling systems, promotional products and business supplies. Indoff – Silicon Valley is a comprehensive product and services provider for Facilities Managers in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area,

The “Masterminds” – Facility Management Service Trade Group

Indoff – Silicon Valley, is associated with a group called ”Masterminds”, a local trade organization providing services for Facilities Managers. With “Masteminds”, you can get a comprehensive set of facilities management services including background checks, site security, living plants (interior), rental furniture, copiers and copier supplies, janitorial services, and high speed internet access pipelines.

 What Indoff – Silicon Valley will show/demonstrate at the Facilities Management Expo

Literally everything in Indoff – Silicon Valley’s booth will be items available from Indoff. We will be showing floor mats (anti fatigue, safety, water resistant, grease resistant, anti-static), raised floor for the office, portable white boards, portable glass markerboards, sit/stand work stations, smart/computerized white boards, stools (short & tall), chairs, ergonomic seating, folding tables, portable cubicles that fold open/fold closed, monitor holders, keyboard holders, acoustic art panels, sound absorbing panels, multi-monitor computer workstations, copiers/printers, copier supplies, LED work lights, table top extension panels, recycling containers, and white board paintable coatings, that turn ordinary walls into marker walls, and nano-technology sound absorbing coatings, etc.

Indoff – Silicon Valley – Trade Show Specials

Plus, we will be offering great specials on items show in the booth, to be available at .  Not posted yet but check out these show specials starting in September.

Want to see something – let us know.

And if you want to see something in particular, let us know. Based on requests, we can ask for specific items from our vendor base and try to get it to the show for you.

Contact us today for VIP show passes.

Turn nearly any surface into a dry-erase board. Paintable Whiteboards available from (Indoff – Silicon Valley)
Aug 10th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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ReMarkable™ Dry Erase Paintable Wall Covering

ReMarkable™ Dry Erase Paintable Wall Covering


Until now, painting a whiteboard wall was smelly, took ages to dry and had a tendency to yellow with age.  Finally a new coating material is available turns virtually any wall into a “white board”, except of course, it doesn’t need to be white.

And Indoff – Silicon Valley (as of this blog date), is the most recent authorized representative for ReMarkable™ in the U.S., serving California, one of only 24 Western Hemisphere authorized representatives.

Now you can use 360Coating’s “ReMarkable™ coating paint to turn nearly any painted surface into a marker board.  “ReMarkeable” can be used on drywall, plaster, metal or tile, turning these surfaces into a dry-erase system.  Once you surfaces is “ReMarkable”, you can write on it using low odor dry-erase markers.  Read about suggested low-odor markers in our August 4th blog.

The key features of ReMarkable that set this coating apart from other paint include:

●  Clear or white options
●  Ready for use in hours, not days
●  Long lasting and durable
●  Simple to apply as paintMarkerboard Paint - Learn More and Order Here
●  Environmentally friendly

ReMarkable™ Coating - available in both Clear, non-yellowing, and White Coatings

ReMarkable™ Coating – available in both Clear, non-yellowing, and White Coatings

ReMarkable™ coating is available in clear coat or white

ReMarkable™ is the only dry-erase coating that goes on clear and never yellows.  You can turn any painted surface into a dry-erase board without changing your room’s décor.  Tans stay tan, blues stay blue, pink or red – well, you get the picture.  ReMarkeable™ is perfect for offices, schools, homes or any other place where functionally beauty is key.

ReMarkable™ coating is ready to use in hours, not days.

Other “white board” paints typically take days to cure; one brand says 7 days.  ReMarkable™ is ready to written on in about 48 hours.  (It dries to the touch in about 8 hours).

ReMarkable™ is simple to apply

ReMarkable™ is simple to apply, if you have basic painting skills, you can probably do the job yourself.  Its’ special properties require mixing two components before use and you need to apply within 30 minutes.

Frankly we recommend using a professional painter (here at Indoff – Silicon Valley we do the wall measurements, make sure the wall is properly critiqued (it may need to be patched, cleaned, to be ready to go) and arrange for proven, professional painters to do the job.  Remember, proper painting is 80% preparation and 20% application.  And that’s what Pros do.

ReMarkable™ is long lasting and durable.

With proper maintenance and normal wear & tear, ReMarkable™ keeps is dry-erase ability for 10 or more years before you ever to need to recoat the surface.

ReMarkable™ Coating - turn any wall into a collaborative, creative work area

ReMarkable™ Coating – turn any wall into a collaborative, creative work area

ReMarkable™ is a “Green Choice – better for the environment.

When you use ReMarkable™ surfaces, you are making an environmentally helpful decision.  Instead of using giant print sheets for brainstorming sessions, by choosing to use a safe, lightweight low VOC product (ReMarkable™) you reduce waste and still get creative.

Notes on a recent project coating walls at a Silicon Valley BioTech firm

Indoff – Silicon Valley recently did 4 walls at a BioTech firm in Newark (including the CEO’s office).  Work was done on Friday and by Monday (when we visited to see how the project went), the walls were already in “Marker board use”.  Ideas, to-dos, goals, etc. were already in action.  They liked the results so much that an add-on order was placed to do an additional 8 walls.  (Never let a blank wall go to waste).

So if your hankering to write on those ready-to-go walls in your office, school, hallway, conference room, or maybe even a “share the news” wall at home, contact us today to learn more about how ReMarkable™ coating work for you.  Click here to contact Indoff – Silicon Valley.

Use Low-Odor, Nontoxic Whiteboard Marker Pens for a Better Collaboration Experience
Aug 4th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Low-odor, nontoxic marker pen tip types

Low-odor, nontoxic marker pen tip types

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So you have new whiteboard.  Or perhaps you have installed a great looking glass markerboard.  Or maybe you have even painted your wall with one of the new whiteboard coatings.  Now you need to consider the marker pens you will use to share with fellow employees, clients, customers, prospects, and collaborative team members.

Previously, one of the drawbacks of marker board pens is their likelihood of drying out too soon.  Another is the overwhelming bad odor that permeates the room, making it an uncomfortable place to be, especially for some people who are very sensitive to smell.

Marker pens now available with low-odor and nontoxic.

Low-Odor, Nontoxic Whiteboard Marker Pens

Low-Odor, Nontoxic Whiteboard Marker Pens

The good news is that manufacturers have done significant research and have come up with marker pen improvements.  For example, Expo brand Dry Erase Markers now have available their Expo2 line that is low-odor and Certified Nontoxic.  And these marker pens are available in a wide range of colors and different point (tip) options.

Be sure when you acquire your marker pens, you double check the specifications so you see both “low-odor” and nontoxic in the description.

Proper storage keeps you pens working longer and avoids drying out.

To keep marker pens from drying out, it is important to store the marker pens horizontally.  Luckily, most whiteboards have a marker tray at the bottom, automatically holding the pens in a horizontal position.  But if your board doesn’t have a tray, the next best device is a pen (and often eraser) holder that keeps pens horizontal.  Some of these devices are magnetic and can be used on whiteboard that are magnetic suitable.  Some marker board holders are designed to attach to a wall (especially suitable for floor-to-ceiling whiteboards or whiteboard painted coatings).

Whiteboard Marker Pen Organizer/Holder

Whiteboard Marker Pen Organizer/Holder

Resist the temptation to store pens vertically – this causes them to dry out too soon.

The most typical whiteboard marker colors are black, red, blue and green.  But we suggest adding a host of other colors to the mix.  Many people think the added colors stimulate creativity and add an extra dimension to the collaborative process.  After your initial purchases (typically the holders with a variety of colors), you can buy in bulk the colors you need for your organization.  Always keep extras in stock.  Nothing stifles creativity greater that running out of markers in the middle of the session.

To see marker holders and low-odor, nontoxic marker options available from Indoff – Silicon Valley, <click here>.

Be sure to enter “Low-odor marker expo” in the search tool to find the right options for you.

Ready to go – Commercial Grade Portable Whiteboard, Inspired by z-rack
Jul 22nd, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Ready to go – Commercial Grade Alternative Portable Whiteboard, Inspired by Make Space by Scott Doorley and Scott Witthoft.

In Make Space: How to Set the Stage for Creative Collaboration, (Commercial Grade “Z-Rack” p. 16-17 (Doorley, Scott and Scott Witthoft. Make Space. New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2012. Print ) Stanford’s d.School gives you the blueprint to make deployable (portable) white boards that are 2-sided, flexible and movable, so you can create space, subdivide large areas into team work spaces to create working communities, facilitate brainstorming, and enhance collaboration.  

If you want these benefits and a prebuilt, commercial grade product, consider the “G-board”, an industrial strength version of the z-rack.  The “G-board” pulls the best qualities of the z-rack and puts them together in a ready-to-go version.

 The “G-board” Portable White Board

G-Board - Portable Dual Sided White Board

Dual Sided, Non-Ghosting High Pressure Laminate, Portable White Board, 4′ or 6′ wide, 6′ tall.

The “G-board” is high quality, dual sided, high pressure laminate white board surfaces that is ghosting free.

Instead of Z-base that can interfere with user’s feet, the “G-board” instead features T-legs with strong welded upright supports and the cross brace (also welded) that supports the bottom of the white board is at writing level – not at your feet.

The large mobile board (6’ wide) has 4” dual locking casters and the smaller board (4’ wide) has 2” dual locking casters. (custom sizes are available).  Both boards are the recommended 6’ tall.

Tough vertical u-channel uprights support the dual sided white board that is finished in a complementary white, impact resistant, edge banding.  And each white board side has a convenient marker/eraser holder.

Push the portable white boards where you need them.  Create temporary work areas using the white boards as walls.  Work on both sides of the white board.  Reconfigure the portable white boards as necessary to create new spaces.

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