Art has the power to heal and this is a responsibility that we take seriously
Aug 23rd, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Healthcare Art

Art has the power to heal and one of our foremost Suppliers, Great American Art, takes that responsibility seriously. Great American Art has training in evidence based design, and has the knowledge and resources to complete your healthcare project with art.

The comfort and healing power of art should never be under estimated.

It is our mission to seamlessly incorporate the most restorative art into your spaces.  Art evokes emotions.  It speaks to the soul.  At its best, it inspires, challenges and transforms us.

We believe in the power of art to inspire and help in the healing process.  Studies have shown that certain art can help patients handle pain, fear and stress and improve patient well-being.  Well-chosen art can also have a positive effect on staff and visitors.

This belief underlies Great American Art’s design philosophy.  A well-designed art program is a combination of colors, forms, themes, images and media – exceeding the expectations of all involved.

Whether you’re responsible for a single hospital or a National Healthcare System, we offer the support of an exclusive nationwide dealer network, the collaborative tools, the personal local service, the custom design and, above all, the patient-centric solutions you need to create a complete healing environment.  Services are delivered through Indoff – Silicon Valley, a dealer who will come to know your unique needs and will guide you, with assistance of Great American Art, through every phase of your project, including installation.

The bottom line: whether we’re working with local artists, or bringing you commissioned art, sculpture, mobiles, glass, acrylic art, aluminum art, or acoustic panels, you can be certain we have the highest quality materials and design capabilities to create the optimum environment for your facility.

In short, to elevate the healing process to an art.

White Board Comparison – Last of a 3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget.
Aug 21st, 2013 by I-SV Host


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This is Last Part of a 3-Part Series on How to Select a Whiteboard for Your Situation and Budget

This Part is a Summary Chart that shows typical investments for different types of Whiteboard and even introduces converting a wall to a Whiteboard using special coatings.

The Chart provides investment estimates for a 4 foot tall, 6 foot wide Whiteboard.

It does NOT include local delivery (where the whiteboard is delivered by professional installers 0r installation.  Crating estimates are included as it typically applies to Glass Markerboards.

White Board Comparison Chart

4 foot x 6 foot Dry Erase Marker Board


  Class   Type Warranty

Wood Frame*

Aluminum Frame*

  Budget  Acrylate – Non-Magnetic 10 Years

$ 200.00 +/-

$ 200.00 +/-

  Standard  Painted Steel – Magnetic 20 Years

$ 285.00 +/-

$ 270.00 +/-

  Porcelain Surface  Traditional Porcelain
50 Years

$ 450.00 +/-

$ 370.00 +/-

  Porcelain Upscale  Graphite Frame –
Porcelain Magnetic, Image
50 Years

Image Trim
$ 380.00 – $ 450.00

  High Pressure
 High Pressure Laminate, Frameless 5 Years

Frameless (PVC Edge)  $500.00 +/-


Non – Magnetic, ** Flush or Standoff

Magnetic **
Flush or Standoff

  Glass Markerboard  Glass Markerboard

$950. – $ 1,100.

$ 1,350.- $ 1,500.

Painted Marker Board
(Covers two – 4 foot x 6 foot areas)

No Frame
Clear or White Markerboard  Coating

  Coated (Painted)
 50 Square Feet Kit

$155.00 +/-
add shipping & professional crew installation

* Includes shipping, add local delivery and professional installation.
** Add $ 205 to $ 235 for crating/shipping, add local delivery and professional installation.

To learn more and get professional delivery and installation, contact Indoff – Silicon Valley today <click here>

Open Offices are Noisy – Did you know ART could solve the Sound Issue?
Aug 12th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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The current trend in office design is Office Spaces.  One of the challenges associated with design approach is a noisier office. Fewer walls mean fewer sound barriers and more noise. It also means less space for wall art.

Plan for turning a solid - sound bouncing wall into Sound Absorbing Art

Plan for turning a solid – sound bouncing wall into Sound Absorbing Art

Acoustic art panels offer a great solution to a noisy space problem

Acoustic art panels offer a great solution to this dilemma.  Acoustic art panels are sound absorption panels wrapped in a fabric on which is printed a high-quality digital image. The images are great quality/interesting/themed and the fabric is acoustically transparent – allowing the sound to pass through and be absorbed.

Images can be placed on panels as large as 10 feet by 150 feet. The panels can be mounted on walls or suspended from the ceiling making it easy to create just the right balance of art to open space.

The sound absorption qualities give you:

  • Quieter spaces
  • Cleaner, clearer sound
  • Less reverberation noise
The sound absorbing art in place - dramatically cutting sound in the room.

The sound absorbing art in place – dramatically cutting sound in the room.

The art can be:

  • Custom designed online from our wide selection of images or supplied by the client
  • Displayed in a large format that creates a real visual impact
  • Printed on a replaceable fabric making it easy to update in the future

Studies have shown that perceived sound can be cut in half. Acoustic art panels are great for any space where noise is a factor: offices, healthcare facilities, lobbies, conference rooms, auditoriums, studios, etc.

To learn more, visit our manufacturer, GreatAmericanArt <click here>

And if you plan to visit the 2013 Facilities Expo at the Santa Clara Convention Center, September 24 & 25, stop by and visit our booth.  We will have a sample for your review.  And if you need Expo Tickets, contact us today <click here>.

Lab Furniture – Pure Function, Safety, Convenience, and Cleanliness
Aug 9th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Lab Furniture available from Office Furniture San Jose - Indoff -Silicon Valley

Lab Furniture available from Office Furniture San Jose
Indoff -Silicon Valley

Lab Furniture – A Host of Options

You get a comprehensive set of options when you selected Indoff – Silicon Valley as your supplier for lab furniture in San Jose and the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Laminated Lab Furniture

Options including laminate cabinet lab furniture which are available in a variety of colors and are very cost effective.

Metal Lab Furniture

You can also choose metal cabinet lab furniture which are a very tried and true solution for laboratory case work.  Metal is a very versatile material that has many applications and can be used for not only casework but also carts, tables, and standalone workstations.  You get a wide color selection combined with the strength of steel and metal is a very practical answer to typical laboratory needs.  Metal can be painted or powder-coated or can be stainless steel.  If you require bright surfaces that are resistant to strong cleaners and disinfectants, stainless steel is an excellent option.  And of course, wood finishes bring both warmth and durability to the lab furniture environment.

Lab Furniture Work Surfaces

You also get a many options for laboratory work surfaces.  Surfaces can be phenolic, metal, laminate, wood, stainless steel, or other synthetics.  Phenolic surfaces are particularly well suited for labs that need surfaces resistant to humidity, moisture, or corrosives. The phenolic work surfaces you get from Indoff-Silicon Valley are typically chemical and stain-resistant solid phenolic core, laboratory grade panels.  These panels (work surfaces) are engineered to resist a wide variety of stains from acids, general reagents, cleaning agents, and solvents.

If you are adding to your existing labs, doing a new space build-out, or changing equipment that requires fitting new sizes in your current space, please give us a call for an evaluation and proposal.

Visit Indoff – Silicon Valley <click here> for more information on Lab Furniture

Tables are one of the most basic work furnishings. They are the places work gets done.
Aug 7th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Elements of a Table:

C-Leg Training Table with dual uprights

C-Leg Training Table with dual uprights and modesty panel

Size, style, surfaces, legs, accessories, edge details and mobility are table  options .  You have an unlimited range of table surface colors that can be combined with 1,000s of base, also with lots of color options – each of which can be customized to your unique needs.

Table Types Include:

Training and Task Tables, Folding Tables, Rolling Tables, Flip Top and Nesting Tables, Breakroom and Hospitality Tables, Conference Tables, Lab Tables, Metal Tables, Laminate Tables, Wood Tables, Wood Veneer Tables, Marble & Granite Tables, Chemical Resistant Top Tables, and list goes on.

Table supports include:

●  “C-Leg” (the leg looks like a “C”, giving better leg clearance (often used in training tables)

● “T-Leg” (the leg looks like a “T”, support to the center of the table with both C & T Leg uprights of different types and quantity (1 or 2 uprights – or decorated

● Tubular Legs, typically at the corners, either straight or with curves.

● Adjustable height (pin adjust, crank adjust, pneumatic adjust, electric adjust)

● Flip top and nestable – You are able to push units together to save space

● Smaller tables can be support with small columns with disk or X bases.

● Larger tables typically need multiple support that can include cylinders, legs, ½ cylinders, or slabs

● Table heights can vary too, for example, hospitality tables can be at standing height

 Edge details can include PVC, T-Mold, Bullnose, Wood, Metal, Self Edge, Rolled Edge, and more…

● Bases can have glides (including self leveling glides), casters (some with concealed casters)

● Accessories include grommets, modesty panels, wire management, table connectors, and power/data options.

Use to look for the types of tables you want.  Or check out some pictures <click here> to get a general idea of table types.

Or simply give us a call, tell us a little about what you have in mind, and shortly we’ll provide a variety of choices at different budget levels and deliveries, from local in-stock that will get to you in a few days to fully customizable that might take a little longer.

Call today, 408-614-1720 for more information.

Northern California Facilities Expo – Coming September 25 & 26 – Visit us at the Show
Jul 30th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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Discover the latest technology, equipment and trends, gain knowledge from industry experts, and share ideas with fellow facilities professionals – all for FREE! Drop me a quick email and I’ll send you a Northern California Facilities Expo electronic VIP pass. Attending Northern California Facilities Expo will have a positive impact on your business and career while having zero impact on your wallet.

Indoff – Silicon Valley will be showing lots of money saving, time saving, ergonomic, and just plain fun stuff.  So visit us on either Sept. 25th or 26th at the Santa Clara County Convention Center.

Outfit your blue sky room to Maximize Creativity and Collaboration
Jul 29th, 2013 by I-SV Host

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If you can dedicate a “creative space” in your facility, make a “blue sky” room that’s’ focus is being open to ideas, suggestions, problem definition and getting lots of possible ways to solve it.  Make sure this as a “no idea is too strange, too far out” acceptable place – where people can express themselves without fear.

One suggestion, paint the ceiling light blue – after all, it is a blue sky room, make sure it physically different from other typical conference rooms.  Have a variety of interaction heights including stools, benches, standing height stools, even bean bags if desired to put people at ease.

 Stocking this room to enable easy creativity.

People, when they walk into the room, should find the tools and aids they need to enable creativity.  Be sure there a plenty of whiteboard space, even floor to ceiling, wall to wall whiteboards.  Or using some advanced coatings, have the walls of the room painted with clear whiteboard paint – turning every wall into a “space to show what you mean” available to all.

Bucket of Marker Pens

Bucket of Marker Pens

Be sure the is a bucket full of marker pens with lots of different color and widths (some wide, some pointed) (and of course an eraser to be used sparingly).

Stock Your Blue Sky Room with Plenty of Multi-Colored Post-it-notes

Stock Your Blue Sky Room with Plenty of Multi-Colored Post-it-notes

Likewise, have bucket full of multi-colored post-it-notes.  Never underestimate the power of a stack of colored cards. I’ve heard it said that you can judge the success of the creative meeting by the number of post it notes on the wall.

Other factors in creating – using a great blue sky room:

OK – maybe this is where the free lunch comes into play.  Sometimes people will do anything – even be creative when a pizza is on the table.

The Process of Encouraging Creativity and Problem Solving

Encourage sketches.  Be sure folks know there is no such thing as a bad idea in this room.  You never know when the “anything goes” approach might  spark a great idea.  And often little creative ideas can grow into something bigger.  Plus, remember this is a “freedom place”.  A place for free ideas to roam.  A place to freely express ideas, a freedom to note ideas – no matter how crazy or unusual.

Other places that can spark creativity:

Judge the Success of Your Blue Sky Room Creative Session by the Number of Post-it-notes on the Wall.

Judge the Success of Your Blue Sky Room Creative Session by the Number of Post-it-notes on the Wall.

Be sure employees know that almost any place can be creative.  Corridors, hallways, break areas can all be spots for creativity.  Try to avoid blank walls in your facility.  Cover your walls with artwork, photos, pictures, the businesses accomplishments – use the wall s to spark imagination.

If you are in the Bay Area (SF), give us a call.  We’ve done bunches of painted white boards and installed high quality floor to ceiling, wall to wall whiteboards too.  And for flexibility, we’ve also provided portable white boards, that when joined together, create mini-blue-sky-rooms.

Systems Furniture – adjustable height work surfaces, compact, airy, promote collaboration.
Jul 23rd, 2013 by I-SV Host

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The latest trend in work spaces – the Open OfficeBlog-EnworkGXGrid

The latest trend in workstations is the open office concept.  To make it work, you need to provide comfort, some privacy, adjustability and flexibility – plus easy access to power and data.

Teams using the latest open office concept designs from Enwork get all this and more with their GridBench system.  Each workstation is supported by a back channel that includes easy access to data and power.  This channel (grid) can also hold dividers and privacy screens.  For individual employee comfort, each work surface is adjustable, raising or lowering to the employee’s needs.  They can even rise to standing height that is gaining in popularity as people become more familiar with healthy work habits.

Storage is available at each station.  Often monitor holders are used to properly position one or multiple monitors.

And compared to typical cubicles, these systems are surprisingly affordable and offer easy reconfiguration as teams change and the organization grows.

So as you consider your next office improvement, check out how the Enwork Grid system can be put to work for you and your organization.

Top-of-the-line Multi-touch Digital Interactive Whiteboard
Apr 9th, 2013 by I-SV Host

Originally published by Ron Swanson on 2013-02-07 11:27:18

Clary Icon Interactive Whiteboard

60 Inch – Multitouch, Whiteboard with HD Video Conferencing

The Clary ICON (Clary.Icon-Brochure) is an affordable large,  60″  touchscreen, interactive white-board with video conferencing!  If you’re a geek like me then — welcome to heaven…. (sigh)

At 60″, the ICON is one of the world’s largest high definition touchscreen monitors that combine it all.  This product has so many uses beyond the obvious.  Let your imagination run wild for a moment.

If you’re in the auto sales business with multiple dealerships, you just picked up a major customer retention tool.  How you might ask?  If a customer doesn’t land on a car at your dealership, it’s typical to encourage the customer to look at brother or sister lots.  Often these other dealerships pose a challenge for the sales person in that they may be too far out of the customer’s schedule. What would you do?  Within minutes, another sales person from the other dealership uses Skype on his smart device to conference in.  He could be out walking their lot to identify the right vehicle — in real time — while your customer sits comfortably engaged and watching.  How do think that would make your customer feel to experience this?

Bottom line, if you can improve your customers buying experience, you’ll sell more.

These units use cutting edge telephony SIP (session initiated protocol) and makes use of the ever popular Skype, and Google, video conferencing interfaces.

For point-to-point users, I particularly like the ICON because it has affordable usage packages which don’t over inflate your current monthly telecom bill.  This makes the ICON an ideal alternative for multi-location businesses with frequent interoffice travel or expensive conference bridge bills.

Key Features:

  • Multi touch interactive 60-inch high definition flat panel display
  • Wireless tablet for remote sharing and additional level of interactivity
  • Wireless keyboard with track pad for enhanced interactivity
  • Award winning Hitachi StarBoard interactive whiteboard software
  • Optional mobile cart with a convenient tray for input devices
  • Set up is easy with plug and play.

The ICON is a winner.

New Blog Posts are Coming
Nov 16th, 2012 by I-SV Host

We are working on a new business focus.  Stay tuned for our new blogs

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